“My first series in 2022 is in the books- at least partially.” – that how I started my first post about this series. I had planned to maybe add some paintings over the years but it was time for mor paintings earlier than I  thought. 

Retina in the middle

Kidney, Colon and Cerebellum

Hyaline cartilage

For me this series was all about painting the pretty basics again – and bigger! After the first five paintings I took a break but after we moved over the summer I wanted to get back to it.

I gathered some more ideas for the series over the summer. I started with the hyaline cartilage and stomach paintings. After that I added a Kidney and Colon painting because I felt that these classics were simply missing from the series. The Epidermis and trachea followed afterwards and I ended the series with a cerebellum. 

Stomach Painting

Most paintigns of the second part 

So now I can say that the series is finished and I am really happy with how these 12 painitings turned out. I would love to get them into some kind of  exhibition next year, that would be awesome. Since I’ve started sharing my work in the pandemic I feel like I’ve been missing out of this more in-person kind of expereince. I let you know if it works out!

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