This painting series is the result of my collaboration with Francesco Cian who is a veterinary pathologist and passionate about teaching cytology (visit his website here). Together we composed a series of 12 cytology cases which I turned into 12 watercolor paintings showing the beauty in cytology.

Cutaneous Histiocytoma, Dog

Follicular Cyst, Dog (Skin)

Mast Cell Tumor, Dog (Skin)

This was my first ever collaboration and it already was such a special project, working with someone in the field so close but still far. I learned a lot and enjoyed working on these paintings very much.

Eosinophilic Inflammation, Dog

Neutrophilic Inflammation, Dog 

Lipoma, Dog

Painting cytology needed a different approach from me while painting. I usually plan and paint my painting progress in an similar pattern: epithelium/mucosa – submucosa – details – nuclei. This was not feasible for these paintings and I had to rethink some of my choices in the progress. 

Perivascular Wall Tumor, Dog

Squamous Carcinoma, Cat

Sebaceous Adenoma, Dog 

Francesco had provided me with wonderful cytology references and what struck me the most when I first saw them was their delicacy and all the light details. My aim was is to capture these in the paintings and so I kept the closest attention to my first layer of paint, to keep them extra light and airy.

Lymphoma, Cat

Trichoblastoma, Dog

Reactive Lymphoid Hyperplasia, Dog

The paintings, prints, and some other fun things printed with these paintings are available in the Shop!

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