For this series I created about 30 A5 sized paintings of the different developing steps of erythorcytes and granulocytes in the summer of 2021.


The idea was sparked while I was going through my bookshelf, to sort out some books. There I saw a pretty old (60-ties) copy of a Hematopathologic Textbook, I had bought on a fleemarket. It had really gorgeous illustrations in it and they inspired me to do my own series. 

To honor all the little details I decided to blow the cells up quite a bit – compared to my previous paitnings. I loved creating nuclei at this size because I could create lots of color nuances with the watercolors. 

After creating all the paintings I looked at them, alying all over my table and had the idea to create a pattern from them and use it to design some stationery! I always loved stationery and dreamed of making my own wahitape – and these paintings were just the perfect fit!

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