The best part of turning my paintings into scrunchies is to choose the new designs! If I could I would turn every painting into a scrunchie, but here are at least three new designs!

What the Scrunchie?!

Who would have thought that it would be scrunchies, would ever have such a glorious comeback? Scrunchies are voluminous hair bands and they come in all types of fabrics and designs you can imagine. So it is definitely no surprise that someday I said to myself “There definitely should be histology scrunchies.” Said and done!

Show me the new ones

A lot of the first scrunchies I made, were made from a painting series for which I painted different histological stains. The new designs are made from paintings I made from the 100 days series. And here they are!

The Kidney scrunchie is made from painting #48 from the 100 days series. It shows the microscopic anatomy of the Kidney stained with the Azan staining technique. Next to it, you see the first pathology and hematology scrunchie. It is made from painting #71 and shows acute promyelocytic leukemia⁠. And to the far right one of my new faves made from the hippocampus painting which was painting #97 of the series.

Where can I get one?

All scrunchies (including the old designs) are available from my Etsy shop. They are made from really smooth and organic cotton sateen and sewed with a lot of love by a local tailor. 

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