In October the mom of my partner suggested that my paintings would make a great calendar. One thing led to another and my 2021 Histology Art Calendar was born. But as one could have expected not everything was ideal: I forgot to include any kind of information about the paintings. This is about to change!

So which paintings are in the 2021 Calendar

Listed below you can find all the paintings and what I painted. All of them were created in 2020 and most of them were part of my 100 days series. 

January – Retina
February – Lip Epithelium
March – Colon
April – Cerebellum
May – Liver
June – Cerebral Cortex
July – Dorsal Root Ganglion
August – Meissner’s corpuscle
September – Spleen
October – Pituritary Gland
November – Adrenal Gland
December – Cartilage

Download the overview

After one of my lovely customers suggested this, I made a postcard with all the paintings which I could send out with the last calendars. I am sorry that I didn’t think about this in the first place. You can download and print the card for yourself by clicking on the button.

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