Lamellipodium: Art Inspired by Medicine


Original April 20 | Update August 2021

My name is Leonie and welcome to my blog (starting with the stereotypes)! I’m an artist and a first year pathology resident at the moment I am updating this. I live and work in Germany. My artwork is inspired by medicine – especially by the hidden world under the microscope . I started my Instagram page lamellipodium in the fall of 2019. With most of my art, I am exploring connections between art and medicine. I created this website and the blog to share insights and stories all around my art and interests.

Why “lamellipodium”?

And to begin with, I want to answer the most urgent question right away: what kind of name is lamellipodium and why have I chosen it? So for those of you who don’t know what it describes – here is what Wikipedia says:

The lamellipodium (plural lamellipodia) (from Latin lamina, “thin sheet”; pod, “foot”) is a cytoskeletal protein actin projection on the leading edge of the cell. It contains a quasi-two-dimensional actin mesh; the whole structure propels the cell across a substrate.

So – Lamellipodia are parts of the cell-skeleton and play a central part in moving the cell around. And they look amazing and so filigree. I came across them while working on a research project and they caught my eye. They stuck with me over the years and somehow resonated with me. Below you can see a scribble I made from the cells I worked on within the project.

aktin cell scribble II.jpg

I guess that every “how to be an artist on the internet”–guru would tell me that this tongue twister is anything but a catchy name. But I don’t really care about that because I like it and it means something to me. And in the end, this is what my art and also this blog is about.

Welcome, thanks for stopping by and I hope I see you around!

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