2023 Lamellipodium Art Table Calendar


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Desk Calendar for 2023 printed on beautiful art print paper filled with my best-selling and most popular prints of the last two years!

+ Printed on high quality 250 gsm Paper
+ 14 x 14 cm (5,5 x 5,5 inch)
+ Spiral Bound with integrated cardboard stand
+ Language: English, no indication of holidays
+ Including a flyer with explanation for all motives

+ + +

January – Adrenal Cortex (Colorful Histology Series)
February – Hepatc Hemochromatosis (Colorful Pathology Series)
March – Nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma (Cancer I Series)
April – Mixed Eosinophilic Inflammation (Veterinary Cytology Series)
May – Tufted Astrocytes (Neuropathology Series)
June – Kidney, Silverstain (Colorful Histology Series)
July – Acute Promyelocytic (Leukemia Colorful Pathology Series)
August – Cervix Papstain (Colorful Histology Series)
September – Lipoma (Veterinary Cytology Series)
October – Skin, Masson-Goldner (Colorful Histology Series)
November – Myocardial Fatty Change (Colorful Pathology Series)
December – Hyaline Cartilage (Pretty in Pink Series)

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